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From mayo 2012 onwards I will be teaching theory in, a great guitar school in Spain.

A partir de mayo 2012 estaré enseñando teoría en…nos vemos allí!



A good understanding of music theory can be very helpful, especially if you want to get into writing complicated stuff.

The truth is that a good understanding of theory (and especially harmony) will help you analyze melodies and chord progressions so that you can begin to pinpoint what sounds you like/dislike, what certain melodic lines and chord changes give a sense of and how the music needs to progress to be logical and reasonable and sound good.

It’s about much, much more than just knowing what sounds good together or doesn’t clash, but understanding how to write a theme, expand on it, lengthen it, shorten it, darken or soften it all within the context of good music. But it really depends on what you want to do, how intuitive music is to you and how far you want to take it in terms of harmonic complexity.


Marchione guitars…

Weeks ago I could test this nice Marchione solid guitar:

According to Marchione, this model came to life through his search for a guitar with a seemingly endless supply of clear ringing sustain, which is quite true! After many rounds of experimentation, it became clear that the best way to allow the sound and vibrations to travel throughout the guitar was to minimize the amount of joinery between multiple pieces of wood. The majority of vibrations that get lost as they travel the length of the guitar, do so where two pieces of lumber connect to one another. The solution: Neck-Through Solid Body!

Marchione is being well known for his archtop models though, full hollow & semihollow.

Here is a video showing the semihollow models in action:

Your aim should be…

• creative thinking;
• practical skills either independent of literacy, or related to it;
• encouragement to think, both technically and critically, about the repertoire performed in practical
• a distinctively broad stylistic range, as reflected in tasks, endorsements and repertoire;
• the provision of assessment in areas not traditionally included within the scope of graded
• a strong emphasis towards the acquisition and demonstration of skills and understandings that
are of contemporary relevance to the performing arts.

It sounds interesting…

Guzzi´s world


Gustavo Blanco “Guzzi”